Three Keys To Choosing A Camping Lantern

Taking a lantern camping has a way of dispelling the phantom fears that linger in the dark of the woods. Having a light that you can take with you to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or simply to run as a nightlight can be an invaluable aid for family camping. However, when you choose a camping lantern, there are at least three keys that you have to keep in mind. 


If you are car camping, then you should feel free to buy the biggest lantern that you can find. On the other hand, when you buy a lantern for a packing trip, your options are limited by what you can carry on your back. You could just take a flashlight or headlamp, but having a light that you can set down or use to light up your tent or camping site can be a nice option. Look for something smaller than a pop can, and you should get plenty of light with not a lot of bulk.

Battery Life

You can buy gas-powered lanterns, but if you go on an extended car trip, you might run out of fuel and have a hard time finding replacement cartridges. Similarly, if you are going on an extended camping trip in the deep woods, taking enough fuel to power your lantern can be problematic. On the other hand, hauling a battery powered or rechargeable light with you should be much easier. You might not be able to find a lantern with enough battery life to take you through a whole trip, but hauling batteries is still easier than hauling fuel canisters. Some lanterns will even come equipped with a solar panel so that you can easily charge the batteries out on a trail. 


When you buy camping equipment, it is only too easy to spend a small fortune. You should not feel like you have to shell out a ton of money just to get a good piece of equipment, but you don't want a discount product that will fall apart on you while you are out on the trail. Instead, look for a mid-range product, and you should get good reliability for the money you spend. You may be able to find some cheap lanterns online that are being sold at a discount because a new model has been released.

Especially, if you go camping with small children, a lantern can be a lifesaver. There is something miraculous about how a small circle of light can carry a sliver of civilization out into the unforgiving dark of the woods.