3 Ways To Prevent Roof And Structural Damage With Gutter Repairs And Installation

Gutters can be a great improvement to your business, which do a lot to protect foundations and prevent structural damage. Installing gutters can also solve problems like erosion and cracks from static water pressure. They can also be a hazard when it comes to debris from trees and winter ice dams. If you want to avoid some of the problems that gutters can cause, here are some improvements that you may want to consider for your business:

1. Prevent Ice Dams And Debris With Additional Gutter Guards

One of the major problems with gutters is the ice dams that they can cause during the winter months. This is caused by snow and ice refreezing at the edge of your roof. The debris that falls on your roof from trees can cause similar problems with wear at the eaves of your roof. To prevent these problems, have a gutter repair service install gutter guards, which will prevent ice dams and debris build up that can cause roof and structural damage.

2. Install Downspout Screens To Prevent Clogged Gutter Drain Problems

The downspouts on your gutter can be another area where debris causes problems. It can stop the gutters up at the opening or cause the drains to become clogged. If you want to be able to prevent these problems, consider installing downspout screens, which will help keep the debris from your roof from stopping up the drainage of downspouts. This is often a problem on flat roofs, which can be solved by installing raised drain grates that keep the debris out of the downspout or drain.

3. Use Rain Collection For Water And To Prevent Static Pressure Problems At The Foundation

Rain collection can be another good solution for improvements to your gutters. The water collected from the runoff can be used for many different tasks around your business and even as a source of potable fresh water. In addition to giving you a water resource, the rain collection system also prevents water from draining directly against your foundation. This can help prevent problems with static water pressure at the foundation as well as give you a source of water for landscape irrigation.

Improving your gutters can be a good way to protect your business from problems like ice dams that form on the roof.  If your business has structural damage due to water problems and foundation cracks, contact a structural engineer for advice on repairing the damage and implement some of these improvements to prevent future problems. These small improvements to gutters can help prevent major problems with the structure of your business.

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