4 Tips To Ensure You Have Fresh Vegetables From The Garden All Year

There may be times when you want to have fresh vegetables, but the weather outside may mean that your garden growing season has ended. There are many options that you may want to consider to increase your growing season.  This is why you may want to consider solutions to extend growing season and have a harvest all year. Here are some tips to help ensure you have fresh produce from your garden no matter what the weather is like:

1. Planting A Later Crop To Harvest Into The Autumn Months

There may be some crops that you want to get an early start on, but when they are gone the season may be over for you. You may want to consider a later crop of different plants, such as potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. During the summer, conditions may not be ideal for this, but you may want to consider starting seedlings indoors in a climate controlled area using grow lights. Plant this in large nursery containers when you put them in the garden, so you can move them indoors when the weather starts to change.

2. Plant In A Greenhouse To Extend Growing Season And Crop Types

Greenhouses can be used for all sorts of gardening projects. Maybe there is a crop that does not do well in your area. Planting in the greenhouse can give you a place to grow things that do not work in the garden. You can also use the greenhouse to start seeds and even add grow lights to create more lighting for plants when there are fewer hours of daylight in the fall and winter months.

3. Use Hydroponic Grow Lights When The Sun Is Not Enough

When there is not enough sun available to grow plants, you may need to create your own artificial sunlight. This can be done with LED grow lights that provide your plants with a lot of light and use only a little electricity. This can also be good for an indoor vegetable garden during the winter months or getting a major head start on your vegetable garden for spring.

4. Install Gutters With Rain Collection To Ensure Water During Droughts

Water is one of the most important things you need for your garden. With climate change, there are be a drought during any time of the year. This can also be water restrictions that go past the normal summer months. Consider installing gutter systems with a rain collection system, which will give you water you need to ensure your garden is productive all year.

These are some tips to help you ensure that your home vegetable garden is productive all year round. If you want to have your garden drought resistant, contact a gutter installation service and talk with them about gutters and tanks to ensure your garden is well water during hot dry summers.