Are Your High Heating Costs Caused By Your Roof? What To Know

If you think that roof is the reasons why your heating and cooling costs are so high, and you know it's been a couple of decades since the roofing shingles have been replaced, it's time to consider updating the roof to metal panels. Metal panels are a top choice for many builders for a wide range of reasons. Here are a few things you'll want to do to start the process of getting a new, metal roof.

Get an Energy Audit

If you think that a lot of air loss in the home is going out of the roof, you'll want to have an energy audit performed. The audit will show you if the roof is a main problem for air loss, costing you a lot of money. After the audit you may want to consider updating the roof on your home to an efficient material like metal. Metal keeps heat from the furnace in and stops cold air from going out. It also stops the sun's warmth from entering into the home, allowing the house to stay cool during the summer.

Talk with a Representative

If you want to learn more about metal roofs, talk with a representative from the metal roofing company to see what the benefits are. Some reasons a lot of people are upgrading to metal include the following:

  • Metal interlocks together to prevent impact damage and pest infestation
  • The metal doesn't get damaged by water and weathering
  • Fire resistant
  • Can last from 40-80 years

The roofing company should offer some type of warranty with their work, and the metal roofing manufacturer for the brand of panels you choose should also have a warranty on the product that they are selling you. Explore all styles and color options before deciding what roof will look best on your home.

Since metal roofing panels are energy efficient, making this change could make you eligible for a federal or state tax rebate. You will want to get more than one estimate to compare the costs so you can make the best investment for your home, and after you have the metal roof put on, have your home appraised so your insurance policy will reflect the new increased value because of the high quality roofing materials you chose. There are many great roofing materials you can try, but metal is something that sticks out above the rest. 

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