Charcoal Powder: Your New Alternative To Eyeliner?

When you think about buying eyeliner, you might immediately head to the cosmetics department at your favorite big box store or department store to pick it up, either in a pencil or liquid form. However, there is one new option for applying eyeliner that you might want to try: using charcoal powder instead. Charcoal powder can be purchased online or in bulk from an apothecary type of store, and it works great as an eyeliner, as well as for many other uses.

Why Use Charcoal Powder as Eyeliner?

Charcoal powder is great to be used as eyeliner for a few reasons. First of all, it's cheap. You can purchase it in the powdered form, and even if you purchase a relatively small container of it, you might be surprised by just how much charcoal powder you get for your money. It's a great way to make sure that you don't run out of charcoal powder! It's also a great natural product, so it can be a good choice for someone who is allergic to a lot of products or who does not want to use any makeup products that have a lot of chemicals or other ingredients in them. Plus, you might be surprised by just how dark and matte of a black your charcoal powder can provide you with when you use it as eyeliner, so you might find that you love the look more than you love your current favorite eyeliner.

How to Use It

Using charcoal powder as eyeliner is really easy. However, you will not be able to apply it in its natural form, or you'll probably make a big mess. Instead, you'll want to combine it with a little bit of water until you create a nice paste. Additionally, you can use saline solution if you would prefer, such as if you have it on hand for you contact lenses. You can mix the two together to create a paste on the back of your hand, or you can make a bigger batch in a small container, which can be stored and used again later. Just make sure that you do not add too much water or saline solution, which could cause your "eyeliner" to become diluted in color. For a true, rich black color, you may want to add a little more charcoal powder to your paste. Then, just apply it with an angled brush and allow it to dry. Buy activated charcoal online.