A Do-It-Yourself Guide For A Copper Rain Chain Using Rocks

Are you looking for something unique and pretty to spruce up your home? There is an ancient tradition in some parts of the world of removing standard rain spouts and replacing them with rain chains. A rain chain is hung directly under the hole in the gutter that the spout used to go to. The rain chain can be made up of anything. It can be a simple chain or it can be a chain made out of random objects, such as teacups, driftwood, rocks, and much more. When the chain is hung, the water will run down the length of the chain and over the objects hanging from it. The effect is pretty and fun. This is a tutorial to learn how to make rain chains using rocks.

Materials Needed

  • Rocks of your choice

  • Paint (optional)

  • Wire cutters

  • Copper wire

Step One

In the first step, you need to decide how long you want the chain to be. Some people like it to hang so it's almost touching the ground, while others like a shorter chain. Measure the space from the top of the spout to where you want the chain to end.

Step Two

Now you will be preparing your rocks for the rain chain. If you chose smooth river rock, you can paint it different colors to make it stand out more. You can also choose a fancier rock from home improvement stores or gather up special rocks that you can find outdoors. If you paint the rocks, you will need to wait at least an hour for them to dry so you can attach them to the chain.

Step Three

Cut a piece of copper wire approximately eight inches in length. If you use bigger rocks, you will need to add a couple of inches. Place the rock in the center of the wire and wrap the wire around it twice. Leave space at each end so you can attach the next rock.

Step Four

Take the end of the wires and twist it a few times so it is secure. Grab one end and create a small 'o' shape at the end of it. This is where you will attach the next rock in the chain. Repeat step three, but instead of creating an 'o' you will thread the end through the 'o' on the end and twist it together.

Step Five

Repeat the steps until the chain is the desired length. Attach the rain chain using a long pipe or hook secured to the gutter.


If you are using heavy rocks, make sure you secure the end of the chain to something near the ground. Wind and other factors can cause the rocks to smack against your home and possibly cause damage to it.