Prefabricated Vs. Custom Shower Enclosure

An old and outdated shower can make your entire bathroom look out of style. That is, you may have repainted your bathroom, changed the cabinet, updated the toilet, or even installed a new floor, but the entire room is going to look out of date if the shower is also old. Basically, even though the shower is one of the hardest things to update because it requires a sizable amount of construction and costs a fair bit of money, it is definitely a smart home improvement project for those who can afford it. This article explains the main drawbacks and advantages of two of the most popular types of shower enclosures.

Prefabricated Floor to Ceiling Enclosures

Floor to ceiling shower enclosures are extremely desirable. These usually have a seamless piece of glass that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling for a more open look. The walls of a prefabricated enclosure are usually made out of waterproof fiberglass. Having a floor to ceiling enclosure usually means that you are not going to have any issues in the long term. That is, they are reliable and no nonsense. That being said, they aren't always the most stylish option. Since they are just pre-fabricated, the walls can look plain and dull. A prefabricated shower enclosure will come with the basin and the doors. So, they are usually much cheaper than any other floor to ceiling shower option.

Custom Tile Walls

If you want more stylish solution, you should consider installing a bathtub basin, and then applying custom tile to the walls. This gives you much more freedom in design. However, is also going to be much more expensive and more difficult to maintain in the long run. Ultimately, it comes down to choosing between style and practicality. With a customized tile wall, there are an endless amount of styles you can create to make your shower unique.

A shower with custom tile sidewalls can last just as long as a pre-fabricated enclosure, but it is going to take some more intense maintenance. You will need to seal the tile, particularly the grout lines, to protect them from moisture and prevent the formation of mold. You also have to worry about soap scum in your grout lines, which can be difficult and annoying to remove. Basically, owning a shower with tile walls is going to be a little more difficult and expensive over the years. Contact a company, like Becnel Kitchen and Bath, for more help.