Mudroom Makeover: Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Mudroom Practical And Pretty

Is your mudroom messy and unattractive? Perhaps it's an area you really don't think about too often. You may even wonder why you should bother to give your mudroom a makeover. However, the mudroom is an area you can make over for just a small amount of money, and a well-designed mudroom will be a welcoming sight to all who enter your home. 

Organize it

If you find shoes and coats in your mudroom that the kids have grown out of, it's probably time to declutter. Mudrooms can easily become catchall areas in the home. You can eliminate this problem by having a special basket or bin available for each family member. 

If you don't already have a cube-style organizing system installed in your mudroom, you should consider buying one. These inexpensive cubes hold large bins or baskets and make organizing a breeze. Label the bin or basket with each family member's name to keep everyone's things in order.

Make sure you have plenty of sturdy hooks installed along one wall for hanging up coats, sweaters, and backpacks. Having at least two hooks per person will give each family member plenty of room to hang their personal clothing and accessories. You may want to hang the hooks above the organizing bin and encourage each person to hang their belongings above their designated bin or basket.

Decorate it

Having the right decorative items in your mudroom can take it from mundane to marvelous in minutes. You can buy home décor items online that are inexpensive but look like designer items. Look for pictures, figurines, and metal signs and slogans. Buying home décor items online will give you a large selection of items to choose from in any design style to match your home's décor. 

You won't need a lot to dress up your mudroom. A nice wall hanging can become the focal point of your mudroom. One or two metal signs with a favorite slogan will add charm to the room. An inexpensive vase with a bouquet of silk flowers can add a nice pop of color when placed in a corner.

Replacing a worn-out rug with a new one is an easy way to brighten up a room. If your mudroom lacks color, chose a rug in a bold hue. If your mudroom is already bright, use a neutral rug to soften the look. Always select an indoor/outdoor rug that can hold up to moisture and be cleaned easily.

Your mudroom doesn't have to be dull and boring. Clear out any old items and establish an organizing system. Complete the look by adding a few inexpensive decorative items to bring your mudroom to life. In no time at all, you can have a mudroom that is both practical and pretty.