Why Composite Decking Is Ideal For DIY Parents

If you have a family, this will always play a role in the type of decisions you make when making additions to your home. This is especially true when adding decking to your home, since your children will likely spend a lot of time outdoors playing on your deck. Fortunately, composite decking is the perfect option for your family.

No Splinters

Unlike with a normal deck, composite decking is made with splinter-free materials. With normal wooden decking, if the deck becomes partially damaged, your child might get a splinter, which can be painful and will need to be removed. In extreme cases, a splinter might even lead to an infection. Choosing a composite deck protects both children and pets.

Less Slipping

Composite decking is more slip-resistant. This is important if you have other things on your deck, such as a fire pit. Other types of decks can become more slippery if it rains, increasing the risk of falls and injuries.


With a conventional deck, the heat might gradually raise the temperature of the deck to where you can't even walk on it. However, this isn't as much of a problem with composite decks, since it takes longer for them to heat up. This is especially helpful if you have a grill or fire table that can become hot, since it will be safer to use it.

Easier to Install

When you're installing a traditional deck, it cannot be put to use until you have finished the construction. This can be annoying if you have kids, because they might want to play outside where they might step on a nail or get splinters. However, composite decking is much easier to install and you'll be finished faster. It's a perfect DIY installation for busy parents.

Lighter and More Seamless

The boards are more lightweight because they are hollow on the inside. This makes them easier to carry around and work with. You won't feel like you have to take as many breaks. They use a hidden clip system so that its easier to fasten each of the boards together. Because they are more seamless, the decks are more visually appealing.

As long as you install your deck while following instructions, it will be protected by a manufacturer's warranty. While the warranties do not cover scratches, stains or fading, they cover other forms of damage. In some cases, warranties even transfer to a new homeowner.

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