How To Tell If You Have Mice

As a homeowner, there are some house problems that are obvious such as a broken lightbulb, but there are other things like mice that aren't quite as obvious. Because mice spread disease and germs, it's important that you have them exterminated as soon as you find them, but how can you tell if you have a problem? 

1. Mice Droppings

One of the most obvious indicators that you have a mouse problem is finding mice droppings around your house. If you have never had mice, you may not know what they look like. If you notice that you are seeing small, little balls all around your house, then this is a sign that they are mouse droppings. When you have a big mouse problem, you may notice more droppings than you will if you only have a couple of mice. 

2. Holes In Food Boxes

Mice like to nibble their way through food boxes because it's the easiest way that they can get into food that isn't left out. If you notice that your cereal or cracker boxes have holes in the bottom of them, then this is another big sign that you have a mouse problem. To prevent them from getting into your food before you call a mice extermination service, try placing all of your food in airtight containers that are made of either glass or plastic; that way you know everything is safe. 

3. Scampering Sounds

Do you hear scampering sounds in the middle of the night? A lot of homeowners tend to hear mice not only running on hard floors, but they also hear them in the walls and in the ceiling. If you do hear them from inside the walls or in the ceiling, then call an extermination company right away. Why? Because if mice have nests inside your walls, they are not only going to spread, but they are going to die in there, which will cause a host of problems that are harder to get rid of. When you hire an extermination service, they will remove them so that you don't have to worry about carcasses. 

Having mice is the last thing that any homeowner wants to deal with but it's fairly common. Rather than setting out traps that may or may not work, get to the root of the problem and hire a mice extermination service instead. These companies will get rid of the problem and help you prevent it from happening again.