Are You Selecting The Window Treatment For Your Master Bedroom?

Have you decided to use part of your stimulus check to redecorate your master bedroom? Maybe you have already decided on what kind of window treatment and what kind of bedspread you want. If so, you're all set and you probably don't need to keep reading. On the other hand, maybe you are still looking for ideas. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

Before you shop, decide on the look you want in your master bedroom. By doing that, it will be easier to select the window treatment and the bed covering. 

Start With Window Drapes - If you're a gifted sewer, maybe you want to make the draperies yourself. However, that's a pretty big job. Consider having the drapes made by professionals. Once you've decided on the style, get the name of a drapery service and present your ideas to the clerk you talk to.

  • Think of establishing a bit of an old-fashioned look by selecting drapes that have a valance as part of their design. Choose fringe trim to add interest to the draperies.
  • If you want a more tailored look, go with a more simple design. Still use a valance, but don't add any kind of trim.
  • Maybe you want a formal look in your master bedroom. If so, consider selecting draperies that pool on the floor. Choose tassel tiebacks for added elegance. 
  • Have you thought of selecting drapes that feature a mural-like scene? For instance, a garden setting as the design would be very pretty.

Add The Bed Coverings - Take care of buying sheets first. Choose luxurious linens like those you'd find in a five-star hotel. Then, go on to select the bed covering.

  • If you went with an old-fashioned look for the drapes, consider buying a chenille bedspread. Add embroidered throw pillows with a flower design
  • Buy a fitted bedspread to go with tailored drapes. Choose two-toned throw pillows that have a clever saying on them. 
  • A bedspread with a floral design would be good for an elegant bedroom. Choose plain-colored throw pillows that complement the colors in the bedspread.
  • Think of buying a plain colored bedspread to go with the mural-like drapes. Choose several throw pillows in different colors and shapes to add even more pizzaz to your bedroom.

No matter the style of draperies and bed coverings you select, consider how you will care for the fabrics. If you don't mind paying cleaner costs, any fabric will work. However, if you plan to wash and dry your draperies and bed coverings at home, make sure to select a fabric that will allow you to do that. For more information on how to decorate your rooms with window drapes, contact