Used To A Full Bed? Here's Why You Should Upgrade To A Queen This Time

If you have always slept in a full-size bed and now you need a new mattress, your instinct might be to buy another full-size mattress. Why fix what isn't broken? Except in this case, you might not realize what you're using is broken until you've made an upgrade. There are some real benefits of upgrading to a queen size bed this time around. 

You'll have more space to stretch out when you're sore.

A full-size bed may be big enough for you on most nights, but surely there are some nights when you wish you could spread out a little more, right? Maybe your back is sore, and you wish you could sprawl out on your side. Or maybe one arm is sore, and you really want to stick it out to the side. In a queen size bed, you will have this extra space to stretch out whenever you need to do so.

You and your partner won't affect each other's temperature as much.

If you sleep with a partner in a full size bed, you have probably noticed that you impact each other's temperature quite readily. You can feel the heat coming off of their body, and it makes you feel too hot. In a queen size bed, there will be more space between the two of you, which means you won't affect each other's body temperature as readily.

There will be room for pets.

You might think you're the kind of person who simply does not allow their pets into bed. But if you had more space in your bed, would you feel the same way? Upgrading to a queen size bed could allow your dog or cat to sleep with you more comfortably. Once you let them up there and get used to snuggling with them, you'll wonder why you didn't do it a whole lot sooner.

You have more space to fold laundry and the like.

If you're like most people, you do more than just sleep in your bed. You may use it as a space to fold laundry or a place to layout your holiday ornaments as you organize them. With a queen size bed, you have more space to do all of these things.

While you could just go with another full-size bed, you are often better off upgrading to a queen. Size up, and you'll enjoy the benefits above as soon as the mattress is in place. Shop for queen mattresses today.