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Add More Functionality Without Using a Lot of Space by Using Ottomans

While you are living in your home, you may grow to realize that there is a lack of functionality. If you do not want to invest in remodeling to change this aspect of your house, you should consider an alternative solution in purchasing furniture that will provide you with extra functionality. Although you can purchase certain pieces such as a couch that gives you seating and a bookcase that provides you with storage, you should also consider multipurpose furnishings.

A Do-It-Yourself Guide For A Copper Rain Chain Using Rocks

Are you looking for something unique and pretty to spruce up your home? There is an ancient tradition in some parts of the world of removing standard rain spouts and replacing them with rain chains. A rain chain is hung directly under the hole in the gutter that the spout used to go to. The rain chain can be made up of anything. It can be a simple chain or it can be a chain made out of random objects, such as teacups, driftwood, rocks, and much more.

Four Principles Of Home Lighting Design

Lighting plays an important role in creating mood, atmosphere, and tone in a room. People are experimenting with light for design purposes and are doing it while exercising environmental consciousness. If you ask any lighting design professional to help you out with your home's lighting layout, they might tell you about some of these lighting design principles.  Layers/Categories Layers of light can be categorized as task, ambient, decorative, or accent lights.

Window Treatment Ideas For A Sun Room

Sun rooms offer a bright and cozy place for relaxing or entertaining, but you may want to add some window treatments to provide privacy at night or shade on sunny days. With the right window treatments, you can even give an old sun room a new look. Here are a few options to consider for your sun room's windows. Plantation-Style Blinds Give your space a Caribbean feel with plantation-style blinds. These blinds can be adjusted to control the sunlight that comes into your room, and the wood construction makes them easy to dust as needed.

Things That Will Make Your House A Home

Perhaps it's your first time having a place to yourself. When you want to make your house a home, the following items can help you make that shift into total comfort: Get Cookware Maybe you're not a great cook, yet. But having your own set of cookware is one step into making a house a home. You may be inspired to learn to bake in order to make your home a bit warmer and full of good smells.